Yemen strikes: 13 Indians alive, 7 missing

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New Delhi, Sept 9: The Ministry of External Affairs has learnt that 13 of the 20 Indians in Yemen are alive. The MEA which is verifying the incident after it had been reported that 20 Indians had been killed in the bombing at Yemen says that they are yet to get more details on 7 Indians.

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However for now what the MEA has learnt is that 13 are alive. There are attempts being made to establish contact and get the correct picture. However the fate of 7 Indians is not known as yet.

Yemen strike:13 Indians alive, 7 missing

It was reported yesterday that 20 Indian nationals had been killed in Saudi led strikes at Hodeidah port at Yemen. It was reported that two boats had been hit in the attack and 20 Indians had died. However the MEA said yesterday that it had no information on the death of the Indians.

Gathering information from Yemen is a bit difficult now since the embassy was closed down in April 2015. Due to escalating fighting, India had managed to evacuate several of its nationals from Yemen and even closed down the embassy.

Attempts are on to get more information from Yemen, MEA sources said. It was reported yesterday that at least 20 Indians were killed in Saudi led strikes on fuel smugglers at the Yemeni port.

Planes from the Saudi-led alliance struck two boats at al-Khokha, near Hodeidah in western Yemen used by Indians to smuggle badly needed fuel supplies into the country, it was also reported.

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