Yemen: Dad wants dowry of 1 million 'likes' on FB

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Sana'a (Yemen), Dec 20: In a Bizzare incident in Yemen, the father of a girl demanded a dowry of 1 million Facebook likes from his would-be son-in-law. Strange it may sound, but on the flip side it projects the socio-economic condition of the country where no one can afford to give a dowry.

Salem Ayash, a poet from Taiz, confessed that the reason behind his unusual demand was the sheer poverty that Yemen is going through these days, reported

The father placed this condition before allowing the man to get his daughter's hand in marriage. He has further said that the groom can take as much time he requires, but could marry his daughter only if he is impressed by the man's hard work. Till now, the page has received only 30,000 likes.

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