Well preserved mummy of a 10,000 yr-old bison found in Siberia

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10,000 yr-old mummy of bison found!
Siberia, Nov 8: A bison, nearly 10,000 years old has been discovered by the Yukagir tribe in northern Siberia. What has astonished scientists is the fact that the bison's brain and many organs have been preserved intact.

According to a report in the FoxNews, the preserved bison was discovered under frozen ground and has been shifted to the Yakutian Academy of Sciences in Siberia where researchers plan to perform an autopsy.

Researchers say that the bison may have died at a young age as the fat layers were missing.

But they added that the bison was well-preserved with its heart, blood vessels and digestive system found relatively intact.
The bison's brain was removed from the animal's skull for further study. This is a rare finding as the bison's brain tissue was found intact allowing the researchers to study the tissue.

The goal of the researchers is to collect data about this ancient bison so that it can then be used to compare it to modern bison species.

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