Watch: How MOAB destroyed the IS in Afghanistan

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The United States on Thusday dropped the most powerful on non-nuclear bomb on reported IS hideouts in Afghanistan.

[500 Pakistanis including ISI officers blown up in mammoth Afghan bombing by US]

Watch the video of how Donald Trump and the United states armed forces flexed their muscles with the 'Mother Of All Bombs'.

The Afghan defence ministry said that the bomb struck a village area in the Momand valley where IS fighters were using a 300m-long network of caves. It said the 9,800 kg bomb also destroyed a large stash of weapons.

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The GBU-43/B, a 'Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb' was dropped by a plane in Achin district on Thursday. More than 30 ft in length, it was first tested in 2003 but had not been deployed in combat before.

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