Watch bizarre video: Chinese women grab their own breasts to prove flexibility

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Beijing, Dec 4: In a bizarre and ridiculous trend, women in China are grabbing their own breast to prove their thinness and flexibility.

The new and weird social media trend called 'Reverse Breast Touch' witnessed millions of women in China trying to touch their breasts by reaching around their backs.

Chinese women grab their own breasts

The trend started circulating last week has got over 54 million views and 39,000 comments on Weibo, equivalent to Twitter, reported the Daily Mail citing People's Daily.

Millions of Chinese women post pictures of them trying to reach their breasts in the new craze.

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The crazy topic first appeared in June soon after 'belly button challenge'. However, the topic re-emerged last week and quickly became one of the hottest threads on Weibo.

Women of all body types and ages in China caught on the trend trying to prove their good figures.

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