Video: Tiger drags away woman in China wildlife sanctuary after she gets off car

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Beijing, July 25: It cannot be more horrifying than this. Tigers in a wildlife park in Beijing mauled one woman visitor to death and injured another, reported Xinhua.

The incident happened at Badaling Wildlife World Sanctuary in the northern outskirts of Beijing on Saturday (July 23), Xinhua added.



The ill-fated middle-aged woman had got off the vehicle and went to the other side when a Siberian tiger pounced on her from behind and dragged her off. The other woman, a younger one, jumped out of the car to save her but was injured. She was said to be out of danger, the Xinhua report said.


The two women were accompanied by a man and a child and none of them were injured. The Badaling staff members eventually helped the visitors but the dragged women couldn't be saved. The woman reportedly got off the vehicle following an altercation.

The wildlife sanctuary, which is spread over 400 hectares and is home to about 10,000 wild animals, was temporarily closed after the incident and an investigation had been ordered.

The park allows the visitors to either drive themselves in or take help of a tour but strictly instructs the visitors to get off the vehicle at any point. Some, however, still disobey the rule.

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