Video: How host John Oliver launched a blistering attack on Donald Trump

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Washington, March 1: Just two days before the Super Tuesday, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver slammed Republican presidential candidate front-runner Donald Trump to an extent, which may halt Trump's success streak till now.

Oliver dedicated 21-minutes on his show for Trump, where he analysed why Trump had so many supporters and dissected each and every single reason to the bare minimum.

John Oliver slays Donald Trump on TV

Oliver is seen attacking Trump on several instances, including Trump's failed business ventures all these years. Oliver ends the segment revealing Trump's original name ‘Drumpf'.

Oliver says: "Donald Trump is America's back mole. It may have seemed harmless a year ago, but now that it has gotten frighteningly bigger it is no longer wise to ignore it."

Oliver says that Trump has a huge fan following since the latter is unpredictable and entertaining and could be seen as a ‘protest candidate.' "I get that the character of Donald Trump is entertaining, and that he says things that people want to hear," Oliver says.

But Oliver argues that Trump isn't exactly what he seems.

"First he tells it like it is. Does he? Because the website Politifact checked 77 of his statements and ranked 76 per cent of them as varying degrees of false,' Oliver said.

Donald Trump is America's back mole: John Oliver

He also said that Trump once attacked his (Oliver's) boss Daily Show host Jon Stewart. However, two years later Trump tweeted and said, "I never attacked phony Jon Stewart for his last name. Would never do that."

As Oliver continues through the show he says that Trump's opinions have been wildly inconsistent.

Oliver then digs into Trump's money, which he says, "While he has made more money than most of us will ever make in a lifetime, not only did he get a multimillion-dollar inheritance from his father, but he also lost a huge amount."

Oliver says that the best way to defeat Trump is to separate him from his brand- his name. "That's why tonight I am asking America to make Donald Drumpf again," he said.

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