Venezuelan president wants decisive talks with Barack Obama

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Caracas, Feb 22: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has asked his American counterpart Barack Obama to join talks to settle problems between the two countries of the Western Hemisphere.

Maduro's call came in the wake of recent protests in Venezuela which have seen death of nine people. On Friday, Venezuela revoked accreditations of reporters of the CNN covering the crisis. Over 100 people were also injured while over 130 were arrested after holding street demonstrations. Maduro accused the USA establishment and its media organisations of trying to topple his government.

Maduro took over as the president following the death of the legendary leader of the country, Hugo Chavez, last year.

The Oppn called for protests after Maduro gave a call to meet the US president

Maduro called a dialogue between Caracas and Washington to help reveal the truth. He also warned that the talks will be "difficult and complex" until the US government acknowledged the full autonomy of the Latin America.

Caracas recently expelled three US diplomats on charges of meeting trouble-makers who have links to the opposition forces.

Meanwhile, opponents of the leftist government of Venezuela planned to organise a mass protest here on Saturday after Maduro's surprise call to hold talks with the US government came.

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