US: Treasury reimburses man after pet dog eats notes

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US: Man reimbursed after pet eats notes
Washington, Oct 4: A man was reimbursed USD 500 by the federal government of the USA on Wednesday after his dog ate up the money last Christmas.

In a report published in Independent Record, it was said that Wayne Klinkel, a graphic artist by profession, was going to Colorado from Montana with his wife to meet their daughter when they stopped at a restaurant for dinner and left their golden retriever in their car. They also left five USD-100 notes and a USD1 note in the car.

After returning about 45 minutes later, they found the 12-year-old dog named Sundance ate up all but half of a USD100 note along with the USD1 note, the report said.

Klinkel did not lose hope. Knowing that paper wouldn't get fully digested, he kept on pursuing Sundance with rubber gloves on whenever he responded to the nature's call. He managed to recover a few fragments from Sundance's excreta but it was only after his daughter helped him with remnants to put together parts of all five notes.

He washed the pieces and dried them and taped them back into some form and put them in separate plastic bags. The entire process took weeks and on April 15, he submitted the notes to the federal treasury hoping that they would be reimbursed, the report added.

He received an acknowledgment after ten days and federal reserve authorities told the reimbursement could take a long time and even then it was not guaranteed. They, however, assured that if more than 51 per cent of the money was there, at least some amount will be reimbursed.

On October 1, the Klinkels got an envelope and it contained a cheque of USD500.

Klinkel showed it to his dog and told him not to have it.

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