Woman runs over boyfriend for not stopping at McDonald's

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McDonald's craze: Woman runs over friend
Washington, Nov 7: Not a happy meal! In a bizarre incident, a woman in the US ran over her boyfriend thrice with a pickup truck because he refused to take her to McDonald's.

Crystal Greer Brooks, 33, of Kingsport, Tennessee, was arrested after she ran over her boyfriend Santiago Hernandez, and was charged with aggravated assault and booked into the city jail.

A Kingsport Police Department report said Brooks' boyfriend was located at the scene of the incident with abrasions to his arms and back, while his clothing, "appeared torn, consistent with being dragged on the pavement."

The police report said that Brooks, her boyfriend and an acquaintance had "all been drinking," then went out to eat last Wednesday, the Kingsport Times-News reported.

Brooks allegedly became angry at their choice of restaurant, which is not identified in the police report, and demanded that her boyfriend stop the pickup truck at the side of the road.

The woman became angry at their choice of restaurant

As he exited and walked to the front of the vehicle, she slid behind the wheel.

Brooks then pulled forward and struck her boyfriend, knocking him, "onto the hood and then onto the ground," according to witnesses.

She then allegedly accelerated twice, striking her boyfriend in each instance.

Brooks denied hitting the man with the truck, claiming that he had, "jumped onto the hood." Based on his injuries and tattered clothing, police determined otherwise.

An individual who accompanied the pair said that the accused "was mad they didn't stop at McDonald's."

The victim, who also has a child with the accused, was provided with a domestic violence form and shifted to a friend's residence.


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