US votes: Early voting data shows surge in turnout among Latino voters

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Washingaton, Nov 8: Early voting data in critical US states suggest a surge in turnout among Latino voters, in a move that could provide a major boost to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Statistics from Florida, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona all show a significant increase in the "sleeping giant" of Latin-American voters in the 30 million votes already counted, reports.

US votes: Data shows surge in turnout

According to Wikipedia, Early voting (also called pre-poll voting or advance polling) is a process by which voters in a public election can vote prior to the scheduled election day. Early voting can take place remotely, such as via postal voting, or in person, usually in designated early voting polling stations.

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Analysts predict the effect could replicate that President Obama had on the African-American community in 2008 and 2012 who turned out in record numbers to support America's first black President. Latino voters traditionally vote Democrat and Hillary Clinton's campaign has worked hard to ensure turnout in the increasingly tight election race.

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However this time, a significant part of the Latino population appears to be mobilising against Donald Trump who has pledged to build a wall along the Mexican border and characterised citizens as criminals and rapists.

Early voting statistics from Florida show around one million of the 6.2 million early votes cast were by the Hispanic population. That's a 75 per cent increase from 2012, according to the New York Times.

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Early voting data shows Hispanic voters on track for record turnout in US election 2016

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