Disgusted Trump strategist quits, says she helped create the 'monster'

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Washington, March 30: Stephanie Cegielski, a senior strategist in Republican front-runner Donald Trump's presidential campaign, has quit saying the latter is not up to the job of the president and rather it is his ego which has taken over. [Read Cegielski's open letter to Trump]

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Saying Trump neither knows the policy nor has the humility to admit his ignorance, Cegielski added that she backed the real-estate tycoon for she wanted to back a protest candidate who "was not bought by corporations and could straight-talk his way to a new debate for America".


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She signed up as as the communications director of the Make America Great Again Super PAC, an independent fundraising panel promoting Trump's White House bid.

But the plan fell apart soon after as it was turned into a "charade that is poised to do irreparable damage to the US if the campaign is not stopped in the tracks," she wrote.

Cegielski said she woke up to phone calls everyday complaining about Trump saying something politicallt incorrect the previous night. Though Trumpism received a boost from the 'silent majority' of the Americans who do not belong to the club of the liberal elite, she said, adding Trump is an "intelligent, charismatic man" with a good ability to ignore briefing notes and improvise while talking.

But, she also added, that quality didn't make him suitable for the post of the president. Cegielski also accused Trump of doing little to understand substantial issues during his campaign.

She said she took full responsibility "for helping create this monster".

She resigned after Trump said in a tweet after the bomb blast in Lahore on Sunday killing nearly 70 people that he alone can solve the problem.

She also asked people to appreciate the "ridiculous, cartoonish, almost childish arrogance" of saying he alone can resolve the problem.

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