US Prez poll 2016: Donald Trump aims a hat-trick at Nevada Caucuses today

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Las Vegas (Nevada), Feb 23: Donald Trump, who won primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina after a loss in Iowa Caucuses, looks favourites to pocket Nevada as well in the caucuses scheduled on Tuesday (February 23).

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Hillary Clinton wins Nevada Democratic Caucuses

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While Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will look to check Trump's march, experts believe the real-estate tycoon would be getting around 35 per cent of the vote and it would be enough to seal the deal. Rubio and Cruz are only expected to split the anti-Trump votes while the remaining two candidates, John Kasich and Ben Carson, are just making up the numbers now.



Former Florida governor Jeb Bush pulled out of the race for the White House after finishing fourth in South Carolina with less than eight per cent votes. [Jeb Bush's exit in South Carolina resembled Rahul Gandhi's defeat in 2014 Lok Sabha elections]

About Nevada Caucuses:

The Nevada caucuses started in 2008, showing the western state's growing importance in the presidential election. In 2012, the Nevada caucuses were the third major electoral event in the race for nomination of the presidential candidate.

The Nevada caucuses, like the Iowa caucus, are run by the state's political parties and help in selecting delegates who are nominated to the country convention. From the county convention, delegates are nominated for the state convention, from which delegates are then nominated to the national party convention, where the eventual nominee is selected.

The Nevada caucus has three levels: the precinct, the county convention and the state convention. Overall, Nevada has 33 Democratic delegates and 34 Republican delegates.

About Nevada:

seventh largest state of the country and the 35th most populous one. The state is known as "Silver State" and "Battle Born State" since it won statehood during the Civil War. The landlocked state has Oregon to the northwest, Idaho to the northeast, California to the west, Arizona to the southeast and Utah to the east. The capital of Nevada is Carson City though the largest city is Las Vegas. Republican Brian Sandoval is the current Governor of Nevada.

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