US Prez poll 2016: A look at delegate scenario ahead of Super Tuesday

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Washington, Feb 27: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are leading the race in the Democratic and Republican parties, respectively, for obtaining delegates to win the nomination for this year's US presidential election.

What is Super Tuesday?

Complete list of American presidential election primary/caucus schedules and results 

The delegate scenario so far:

Democratic Party: To win the nomination, a Democratic candidate needs to have 2,383 delegates. Hillary is leading over Bernie Sanders by 459 delegates (she has 546 against Sandes's 87 so far) and the two will compete for 865 delegates on Super Tuesday when 11 states of the US will go to primary elections.

To win nomination: A Democratic candidate needs 2,383 delegates; a Republican candidate needs 1,237 delegates

The Democratc also have a concept called "superdelegates". They are influential party officials who act as a check on a fringe candidate at odds with the party's platform. Many of these "superdelegates" are pledged to Hillary but they can change their allegiance if they see voters going for another candidate.



Republican Party: In the Republican camp, Donald Trump is leading the five-candidate race with 82 delegates so far. Ted Cruz (17) and Marco Rubio (16) are placed at a distant second and third in the race. John Kasich and Ben Carson are the two remaining candidates with six and four delegates, respectively. To win the nomination, a candidate needs to have 1,237 delegates. The delegates are allotted proportionally so that the second and third-placed candidates also gain some delegates. On Super Tuesday, the Republican candidates will vie for 595 delegates.

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