Super Tuesday: Cruz wants others out to beat Trump; Rubio in no mood to quit race

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Stafford (Texas), March 2: Ted Cruz, the Senator of Texas who won his own state besides Oklahoma, appealed to the Republican supporters to unite against rival Donald Trump, who was having a big lead over his rivals in terms of wins and delegates.

Super Tuesday results

Why losing Republican candidates not quitting race to stop Trump's march

Cruz said only his campaign is capable of beating Donald Trump (Cruz won the opening caucuses in Iowa and now the two states) and indirectly suggested the other candidates in the fray to pull out so that it becomes a two-candidate race and the chances of Trump losing the race becomes more realistic.


Talking to the CNN later, Cruz said the Republicans must come together or else, Trump's nomination would mark an "extraordinarily bad" time in the future.

Rubio in no mood to quit US presidential elections 2016 race

Marco Rubio, the governor of Florida who finally opened his account in this primary season by winning Minnesota, however, made it clear that he had no intention of pulling out of the race despite the fact that he was not winning enough to match Trump. He said Trump's winning the nomination would mark the end of the modern Republican Party and he would try till the last to save his party.

He also said that if Trump wins the nomination, Hillary Clinton would defeat him easily and that would mean another four years of struggle for the Republicans.

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