US Prez poll 2016: Sanders's fight against Hillary will get tougher from here on

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Columbia (South Carolina), Feb 22: After the defeat in Nevada Caucus, Bernie Sanders will be searching for a quick way out to broaden his appeal before the primary in South Carolina scheduled next Saturday (February 27).

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The Vermont Senator is expected to bank on his 22-point rout of rival Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire on February 9 in the next primary.


Blacks make up more than half of Democratic voters in South Carolina while African-Americans constitute a large part of the population in the southern states that go to the polling on March 1, the Super Tuesday. The African-Americans strongly favour Hillary and have been slow in their approach towards Sanders.

March 15 will also see a number of states polling and together, these two dozen states that will vote in the first fortnight of March could see Sanders struggling to remain relevant in the race. The 74-year-old leader requires a big number of delegates to give Hillary a run for her money.

Hillary's 5-point victory was relatively narrow in Nevada but it still hurt Sanders.

Young and liberal voters who responded to Sanders' calls for reining in Wall Street for decreasing income equality were not enough to counter Hillary's organizational clout in Nevada, allowing her to hit back after the New Hampshire loss and now with the fight shifting to a friendlier turf, Hillary looks a tougher candidate to beat.

After the New Hampshire setback, the former secretary of state's campaign hoped that Sanders would fail to breach the so-called "firewall" of Hispanic and African-American support for the former in southern and western states.

Nevada's result justified that stand.

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