US Prez poll 2016: 5 states to vote today

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Washington, March 4: After a smashing Super Tuesday, Republican Donald Trump and Democratic Hillary Clinton will look to maintain their momentum in the five states of the US that go to primaries and caucuses ahead of this year's presidential election.

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The five states are: Lousiana (Democratic and Republican primaries), Kansas (Democratic and Republican caucuses), Kentucky (Republican caucuses), Maine (Republican caucuses) and Nebraska (Democratic caucuses).

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While Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Ben Carson will continue to contest for the Republican nomination, Clinton and Bernie Sanders will do so for the Democratic nomination.

Both Trump and Clinton won seven of the 11 states that went to the polls on Super Tuesday (March 1) while Sanders won four, Cruz three and Rubio one.

In terms of delegates, both Trump and Clinton have taken sizeable leads over their respective rivals in the race for the nomination.

The break-up for delegates in the five poll-bound states for Saturday is:

Lousiana: 59 Democratic, 46 Republican

Kansas: 37 Democratic, 40 Republican

Kentucky: 46 Republican

Maine: 23 Republican

Nebraska: 30 Democratic

A Republican candidate needs 1,237 delegates to get the nomination for the presidential election while a Democratoc candidates needs 2,383 delegates.

US poll: Delegate counts as of now:

For the Republicans, Trump is leading the lot with 329 delegates, Cruz 231, Rubio 110, Kasich 25 and Carson eight.

For the Democrats, Clinton has 1,058 delegates as against Sanders's 431.

Of the 15 states that have seen polling so far, both Trump and Clinton have won 10 each from the Republican and Democratic sides.

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