US Presidential Election: Trump directs his ire against fellow Republicans; Hillary too is hated

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These days, Donald Trump is directing his anger against his party colleagues. Reason: as Republicans in huge numbers condemned Trump's horrible and sexist comments against women in a tape from 2005, which got leaked recently.


The Republican presidential nominee even went on saying that "disloyal" Republicans are far more difficult than "crooked" Hillary Clinton.

Why Hillary is hated so much?

If you think it is only Trump who is one of the most hated politicians of the United States, then you need to think twice. Trump's rival and Democratic presidential nominee, Clinton, too is not a very likeable leader. According to a BBC report, attacks on Clinton in particular have sometimes crossed a line, displaying open hatred.

Is Trump sad and lonely?

The New York Times, in its latest editorial, describes Trump's life as sad and lonely. After facing large-scale criticism, even from his party members, it is no surprise that Trump's life has turned miserable.

Any happy tweets from Trump, Clinton?

Let's check if any happy tweets are coming from the much-hated candidates:

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