US polls: Is Russia trying to make Trump's road clear, asks CNN piece

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Philadelphia, July 26: Is Vladimir Putin's Russia trying to influence the election procedure which is underway in the United States?

vladimir putin and donald trump

An article published on CNN has raised this question after the Democratic Party members met an "explosive fallout from a suspected Russian hack on the Democratic National Commitee that exposed emails---published by Wikileaks---of top officials scheming against Bernie Sanders".

It was in the wake of the email leak that Democratic leader Debbie Wasserman Scultz decided to quit as the Democratic National Committee Chair at the end of the four-day party convention here and she was even booed by her own Florida delegation on Monday (July 25) morning.

The CNN article said the email episode also revived the wounds of the bitter rivalry between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and threatened to throw the Democratic Party convention into deeper disarray.

The question which was hence raised: Is the Kremlin eyeing to influence the outcome of the US election? The Democrats have already accused Putin of trying to help Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to win this election.

Hillary's campaign manager Robby Mook cited the experts saying that Russian state actors provided the emails to hackers to help Trump, the CNN reported. Another top Democrat on the House intelligence committee Adam Schiff even said Putin preferred Trump for the latter's warm words on him and also his questioning the significance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation---a strategic question liked by Moscow, the CNN article said.

Schiff said Trump is a "dream candidate for Moscow" and that the Russians are "very afraid" of Hillary, the CNN article said.

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