US: McDonald's employee arrested for selling heroin in Happy Meals

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Heroin in Mc Donalds 'Happy Meal'?
Pennsylvania, Jan 30: The next time you order a happy meal from a McDonald's outlet make sure that there is nothing extra to make you happy.

According to reports, a McDonald's worker was arrested on Wednesday in Pittsburgh for allegedly selling heroin in Happy Meals.

The Pittsburgh drug detectives arrested Shania Davis after a tip off that they received that someone was selling narcotics at a McDonald's outlet.

Reports said that the modus operandi behind the whole set up was that the customers who wanted to buy the narcotics would use the drive thru and say 'I'd like to order a toy.'

The customer would then be directed to another window where the transaction would take place and they would be handed a box of Happy Meal with the contents in it. The police say that they are unaware of how long the entire racket went for.

Happy Meal is generally a kid's meal, where you are served a burger, fries and a special toy.

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