US football coach teaches lessons of life to his team members

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Utah, Dec 2: For this high school football coach in Utah in USA, character matters more than football skills.
Recently, he suspended his entire team members as he was getting frequent complaints about their misconducts.

The 80 members of his team were infamous for skipping classes, earning bad grades at school and they were even said to be involved in cyber bullying of classmates on various social networking sites.

The coach matt Labrum decided to take a stand after he came to know about these. He suspended the entire team. He asked them to take a break from the game and learn a lesson or two about humbleness and learn that 'football is not all about just playing the game'.

In a letter written to the students, parents and school authorities, Labrum laid out the criteria each player would need to meet to rejoin the team. He asked the players to attend all practices, be punctual and have no discipline problems. Also, each player was asked to complete a community service project and memorize a quote about good character.

The coach's extreme steps were welcomed by most of the school authorities, parents and players, reported CBS NEWS.
One of the players, after winning back the jersey, said, "It's a lot of relief for sure, getting my jersey back. I love it."

Most of the players met the criteria and joined back the team on Thursday. Welcoming them back, the coach said, " It's a wonderful thing to see young men take on a challenge. I think a lot of lessons we're learned this week, I think some will be learned later in life I think this is something that we'll all remember."

Indeed, the lessons the young men learned in a week would stay with them forever.

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