US faces combined threat of ISIS and Ebola 'suicide carriers': Reports

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US faces deadly threat of ISIS and Ebola
Washington, Oct 10: In a major trouble to US, the ISIS militants are considering themselves to act as a low-tech weapon of bio-terror, as 'Ebola suicide bombs', media reports on Friday claimed.

According to reports, national security and health experts have claimed that for ISIS militants it won't be difficult.

Retired Professor Al Shimkus of National Security Affairs at the US Naval War College and Professor Anthony Glees, Director at Buckingham University's Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies, have agreed that the ISIS militants might consider the strategy and any individual exposed to the deadly Ebola virus will be the carrier.

"ISIS fanatics may infect themselves with the Ebola virus to use it as a suicide bio-weapon against the West", Shimkus said.

As part of 'suicide mission', ISIS fighters could contract the deadly virus and then openly travel to Western countries to spread Ebola.

On Tuesday, Republican Duncan Hunter, R-Calif, told Fox News that "at least ten ISIS fighters have been caught coming across the Mexican border in Texas."

On Wednesday, US President admitted that ISIS, Ebola and Russian aggression are global crises", Daily Mail report said.

Accordinf to, in a post-titled "What Would It Take to Bring Ebola Into the US and the ‘NATO Crusaders?"

It was written in arabic, "Take a bottle of Pepsi in a bag [with Ebola], and travel with it from Africa to the U.S. to pour the bottle into America's water supply"; "infect ISIS soldiers with Ebola in Africa and have them travel to the U.S. to spread it across the country"; and "send Ebola in the mail like anthrax."

On Thursday, a person who claimed to have had contact with the deceased Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, was hospitalised in the US city of Dallas on Wednesday after displaying symptoms of Ebola.

The person, whose identify has not been released, was transported to the hospital by paramedics on Wednesday afternoon, several hours after authorities announced the death of Duncan, the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the US.

Since Wednesday, travelers from Ebola-affected nations are facing enhanced screening at five major US airports.

The world's largest outbreak of Ebola has killed 3,865 people out of 8,033 infected so far this year, according to the WHO's latest count.

The outbreak of the Ebola virus disease, a highly contagious and fatal virus transmitted through close contact with the infected, has spread rapidly across West Africa since early cases were detected in March, leaving thousands of sick and dead in its wake and sowing panic among communities.

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