US presidential poll 2016: Missouri goes down to wire for both Republicans & Democrats

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Jefferson City (Missouri), March 16: The Missouri primary came too close to take a call in both the Democratic and Republican parties on Tuesday (March 15) with no winner being chosen after 99.9 per cent of ballots were cast.

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When counting stopped early on Wednesday (March 16), Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were separated by less than a per cent. The former was leading by just 1,726 votes in the 7.6 lakh-vote contest. [Missouri may see a recount]

donald trump and hillary clinton

Trump swept Florida, North Carolina and Illinois while Joh Kasich took Ohio among the other states that went to vote on Super Tuesday.

In the Democratic camp, too, former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton was leading Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by just 1,531 votes in a contest that involved 6.19 lakh votes.

Both results could be challenged after a winner is declared, leading to a prolonged legal battle.

Clinton had a very narrow victory of by 0.2 per cent over Sanders in the opening caucuses in Iowa, a state which is known for its wafer-thin margins between the winner and the runner up.

In 2012, too, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum had a difference of just 34 votes (a margin of 0.0279 per cent). The former was eventually declared the winner by eight votes.

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