US, allies launch airstrikes in Syria against ISIS

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US begins airstrikes in Syria
Washington, Sept 23: In a bid to counter the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), US on Tuesday began its air strikes in Syria.

This is the first time that US is targeting inside Syria after US President Barack Obama announced the expansion of airstrikes against ISIS militants. US unleashed cruise missiles and precision guided bombs. Reports suggest that the troops targeted about 20 sites.

US and its five Arab allies have come together to fight against the ISIS bombed the ISIS headquarters in Raqqa.

Meanwhile, Intelligence Bureau issued an advisory to step up security in all the states in India and to ensure the protection of foriegners as they fear repercussions from the airstrikes.

The airstrikes come two weeks after Obama authorised airstrikes in Syria in order to root out the ISIS terror group. Obama had said: "We will hunt then, where ever they are."

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the US had informed the Damascus envoy to the UN about the airstrikes.

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