55% of Scotland says No to independence, Cameron congratulates campaigners

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Scotland says No to independence
New Delhi, Sept 19: Scotland, a part of the United Kingdom, on Thursday witnessed a referendum to decide whether to remain in the union or become an independent nation. Here are the live updates:

12:45 pm: Here are the final figures: 55% said No to independence; 45% said yes; Turnout 84.5%

11:40 am: David Cameron addresses the UK, says it is time for our United Kingdom to come together and move forward

11.20 am:
After referendum results, Pound hits two-year high against Euro.

10.50 am: Scotland First Minister Alex Salmond admits defeat in referendum, hails the high turnout. Alex Salmond says the number of votes polled by the Yes campaigners were significant for future of Scottish independence.

10:40 am: Aberdeenshire votes NO: Yes 71,337 (39.6%), No 108,606 (60.4%), Turnout 87.2%

10:35 am: Argyll & Bute votes 'No': Yes: 26,324, No: 37,143, Turnout: 88.2%

10:34 am: Edinburgh votes 'No'; Yes: 123,927; No: 194,638; Turnout: 84.4%

10.22 am: SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon expresses disappointed with the referendum result, BBC reports.

10.20 am: SNP leader Alex Salmond says support of the people of Scotland incredible, BBC reports.

10.17 am:
After results were out in 26 seats out of 32, the Yes trailed the No by 46% to 54%.

10.15 am: British PM David Cameron said he congratulated Labour Party MP Alastair Darling on his campaign.

9:53 am: Of the 20/32 results out, it is 'No' 55.3%, 'Yes' 44.7%

9:45 am: East Ayrshire votes NO: Yes 39,762 (47.2%), No 44,442 (52.8%), Turnout 84.5%

9:38 am: South Ayrshire votes NO: Yes 34,402 (42.1%), No 47,247 (57.9%), Turnout 86.1%

9:36 am: North Ayrshire votes NO: Yes 47,072 (49.0%), No 49,016 (51.0%), Turnout 84.4%

9:35 am: Scottish Borders votes NO: Yes 27,906 (33.4%),No 55,553 (66.6%), Turnout 87.4%

9:30 am: West Lothian votes NO: Yes 53,342 (44.8%), No 65,682 (55.2%), Turnout 86.2%

9:29 am: Glasgow votes YES: Yes 194,779 (53.5%), No 169,347 (46.5%), Turnout 75.0%

9:23 am: Perth & Kinross votes NO: Yes 41,475 (39.8%),No 62,714 (60.2%), Turnout 86.9%

9:22 am: South Lanarkshire votes NO : Yes 100,990 (45.3%), No 121,800 (54.7%), Turnout 85.4%

9:21 am: North Lanarkshire votes YES: Yes 115,783 (51.1%), No 110,922 (48.9%), Turnout 84.4%

9:12 am: Trailing by 1.5 lakh votes, the Yes must win Glasgow, the biggest council area, by a big margin

9:10 am: East Dunbartonshire votes NO: Yes 30,624 (38.8%), No 48,314 (61.2%), Turnout 91.0%

9:07 am: Aberdeen City votes NO: Yes 59,390 (41.4%), No 84,094 (58.6%), Turnout 81.7%

9:06 am: East Renfrewshire votes NO: Yes 24,287 (36.8%), No 41,690 (63.2%), Turnout 90.5%

9:05 am: Dumfries & Galloway votes NO: Yes 36,614 (34.3%), No 70,039 (65.7%), Turnout 87.5%

9:02 am: Angus votes NO: Yes 35,044 (43.7%), No 45,192 (56.3%), Turnout 85.8%

8:58 am: No leads after 12 declarations: Yes: 335,482 (47%), No: 381,025 (53%)

8:55 am: Falkirk votes NO: Yes 50,489 (46.5%), No 58,030 (53.5%), Turnout 88.7%

8:50 am: Stirling votes NO: Turnout :88.7%, Yes 25,010 (40.2%), No 37,153 (59.8%)

8.46 am: East Lothian: Turnout 87%, yes 27,467 No 44,283 Rejected 48

8:45 am: Midlothian says No: Yes 26,370 (43.7%), No 33,972 (56.3%)

8:41 am: West Dunbartonshire results: YES 33,720 (54.0%), No 28,776 (46.0%)

8.27 am: Dundee results: Yes, 53,620 (57%), No, 39,880 (43%).

8.25 am: Renfrewshire results: Yes 55,466 (47%), No 62,067 (53%) Rejected: 79

8.22 am:
Renfrewshire results expected shortly.

8.21 am:
'More powers to Scotland' - Lord Steel, former Liberal leader, Scottish Parliament's first ever presiding officer, tells AFP.

8.20 am: Westminster needs to change, says Conservative Party MP Michael Gove, BBC reports.

8.05 am: Inverclyde results: Yes 27,243, No 27,329 (49.9% vs 50.1%)

8.00 am: Early trends in Scotland referendum in favour of a united UK saw the pound and Asian stock markets rise on Friday.

7.55 am: Many people are feeling intimidated by the SNP, says a UK Independence Party leader.

7.50 am:
Liberal Democrat MP Sir Menzies Campbell said: "It's not for the Scots to tell the English what form their devolution should take. That is for the English to decide," reports the BBC.

7.30 am: Eilean Siar says No: Yes 9,195 No 10,544 (47% vs 53%), rejected 19

7.20 am: Results expected from Eilean Siar shortly.

7.10 am: Shetland says No. Yes: 36%, No 64%.

6.53 am:
More turnouts: North Ayrshire 84%, Midlothian 86.8%, West Lothian 86.2%.

6.50 am: Labour politician Jim Murphy predicts a big win for the No campaigners in East Renfrewshire, BBC reports.

6.30 am: Orkney says No. Only 4,883 votes said Yes as against 10,004 saying No. (42% yes, 58% no)

6.20 am: More turnout figures: Stirling 90% with 62,225 votes, East Renfrewshire 90.5% with 66,021 votes, Abrdeen 82% with 143,664 votes, Glasgow 75% with 364,664 votes. Source: BBC

6.12 am: Results from Orkney expected shortly.

6.10 am:
Malcolm Bruce, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats who are supporting 'No' and an MP from Gordon area in Abrdeenshire, told AFP: "It looks pretty good for the 'No' side," based on very early indications from observers." He said Alex Salmond looks to have lost in his backyard.

6.00 am: No voters win in Clackmannanshire council area (No 19,036 votes, Yes 16,350 votes)

5.50 am: Dundee turnout at 78.8% (93,592 votes).

5.47 am: Results from Clackmannanshire and Orkney council areas expected shortly.

5.40 am:
Investigation into electoral fraud in Glasgow won't delay the count, said Colin Edgar, head of communication at Glasgow City Council, BBC reports.

5.31 am: West Dunbartonshire turnout at 88% (62,532 votes), Inverclyde 87% (54.601 votes)

5.30 am:
Scots have taught us on democracy, says former Labour Party leader David Miliband, BBC reports.

5.20 am:
Reports of electoral fraud in Glasgow. Police investigation underway. It was said some people turned up for voting and were told that they had already voted.

5.17 am: 35,411 votes are being counted at Clackmannanshire (89% turnout), BBC reports.

5.16 am:
117,612 votes are being counted at Renfrewshire council area (87% turnout), BBC reports.

5.15 am:
Up to 90 percent turnout reported in some areas of Scotland along with high rate of postal voting, say experts.

5.10 am: Yes voters gather at George Square in Glasgow and outside the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh.

5.07 am: A "Yes" victory in Scotland referendum could put Northern Ireland's constitutional status in question, says Mark Devenport, BBC News NI Political Editor.

5.05 am: Scotland's future truly in its hands, says Scotland National Party leader Alex Salmond.

4.58 am: Chief Counting Officer Mary Pitcaithly announces the poll turnout figures.

4.55 am: Even if the No voters win, 10 Downing Street will have a job in its hand to bring together the United Kingdom, say experts.

4.54 am: Even as Scotland awaits results, likes on Facebook page of Yes Scotland (332,951) go past that on UK PM David Cameron's page (330,677)

4.49 am: Former Scottish first minister Henry McLeish said he was a "reluctant" No voter for he felt annoyed by the No campaigner's approach of "fear and scrae", BBC reported.

4.40 am:
YouGov predicts 54% in favour of No, reported CNN.

4.25 am: Speaking to the BBC in Westminster, Labour MP Diane Abbott felt the results will narrowly favour the naysayers.

4.21 am: Labour MP Douglas Alexander said: "We should all feel both extraordinary pride and a certain humility when it comes to a turnout of this scale because it is literally unprecedented," BBC reported.

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4.20 am: 4.3 million people registered for the polling, which is 97% of the total eligible voters.

4.10 am: Final results are expected around 5.30 am local time

4.01 am: Voter turnout expected to be very high in the polling that went on for 15 hours.

4.00 am:
Counting underway in 32 council areas of Scotland.

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