United States, Korea take precautionary measures against Ebola virus

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US, Korea on alert due to Ebola virus
Washington, Aug 4: The deadly Ebola virus has sent panic waves across countries like United States and Korea. The deadly virus that originated in South Aftrica has claimed over 800 lives so far and is spreading at a rapid speed.US and Korea are already on high alert after reports emerged that the virus had spread into the two countries.

Officials are taking precautionary measures specially when people have been travelling from the African continent.

Meanwhile, US is also taking all precautionary measures as an American doctor arrived in the country after being infected by the virus. The doctor will be undergoing treatment for the same in Atlanta.

Korea, on the other hand, too is seeking a travel ban for medical volunteer groups to the African continent. The Foreign Ministry in Korea issued a travel ban to Guinea, Sierra Leone on Thursday and Friday last week.

The deadly virus has also cast a shadow on the summit between United States and Africa which is scheduled for next week .

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