Enough is enough: The Sikh who stands up to hate crime in UK

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United Kingdom, May 28: We have heard stories of Indians being bullied in foreign countries for their religion, race, creed and skin colour. But this is a different case where India is represented in the true sense, a case where this Indian cries 'Enough!'.

A look at the viral video where a Sikh boy bashes a local student in United Kingdom would tell you why.

The first look gives s different picture when the lanky Sikh boy (apparently a teenager) is cornered by a boy double his size. The former seems to reason with him when the latter hits him. The story take s turn here where the student keeps on hitting the local boy until he is bound to flee.

Many would argue that this was against law and that the Sikh boy should be arrested, but we dub it as the true spirit of an Indian who believes in non-violence, but can go to extent when the protocol is broken by the other side.

Given the environment that Indians live in the US and the UK, this seems as an example of courage.

In the recent past, there has been a surge of hate crimes against Indians in the foreign countries. In february this year, for instance, an elderly Gujarati man-Sureshbhai Patel- was left partially paralysed because of an unneccessary assault by the US police. The police officer forced him on the ground after reciving reports that a suspicious man was seen peeping into the garages of several homes.

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