UK: 4-year boy as 'intelligent' as Einstein

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London, March 14:A 4-year old boy from the United Kingdom has hit the headlines with his exceptional IQ level, which is compared to that of Albert Einstein. In fact, he has become the youngest member of an exclusive genius club that had only 85 members across the world.

Sherwyn Sarabi from South Yorkshire has stunned psychologists as he scored over 160 in an IQ test.

According to a report by the IBNLive, the boy was already a part of genius club Mensa at the age of 3 and has now been welcomed to HELLIQ, a society which requires one to be among the top 0.03% performers.

He astounded his parents when he spoke his first word at the age of 10 months and by teh end of 20 months, he could talk in complete sentences.

"Sherwyn has a very superior level of intelligence, he is incredibly gifted and his vocabulary is out of this world. His intellect reaches the highest possible levels of reason and when he talks to you he has the social skills of a much older child," said Dr Peter Congdon, an educational psychologist.

Interestingly, the boy knows the entire periodic table by heart. It is believed that Einstein too had an IQ score of 160.

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