UN report: ISIS has arms, ammunition to wage a war for the next 2 years

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Washington, Nov 19: According to a new report by the United Nations, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has enough of arms and ammunition to wage a war for the next two years in Syria and Iraq.

According to a report in The Guardian the UN reports says: "Those weapons are sufficient to allow ISIS to continue fighting at current levels for six months to two years."

ISIS has arms to wage war for next 2 yrs

The report reveals that most of the weaponry and ammunition was stolen by the ISIS militants from US backed Iraqi army. The even have vehicles which were said to be stolen from the Iraqi army.

Earlier the ISIS was declared to be one of the richest militant groups in the world but with this it also has turned out to be the best armed one. The terrorist group has US manufactured Humvees, machine guns, short range aircraft artillery and extensive supply of ammunition.

US launched airstrikes in Iraq and Syria earlier in July in order to combat the increasing threat from the ISIS.

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