Ukraine protests in pics : Three dead as talks for negotiation fails

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Kiev, January 23: Protests in Ukraine turned deadly on Wednesday as reports confirmed that three demonstrators had died and many were injured.

The anti-government protests that began in November as peaceful protests, turned violent this week as negotiations between President Viktor F Yanukovich and Opposition leaders. Reports suggest that as the President met the Opposition leaders, protestors clashed with police officials.

The protests initially began in November when Ukaraine was caught in a battle for influence between Russia and Europe. Yanukovich had suddenly backed off a trade deal with Europe and in turn sought support from Russia.

The Opposition had criticised Yanukovich and said that he must offer concessions to the public, or else they will join the demonstrations.

Meanwhile Ukraine's Prime Minister denounced the demonstrations and termed the protestors as "terrorists."

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Protestors clash with police in Kiev, Ukraine

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Anti-government protests in Ukraine's capital escalated into fiery street battles with police as thousands of demonstrators hurled rocks and firebombs.

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Tyres burn in the street set alight by protesters in clashes with police in central Kiev, Ukraine.

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