Trump's excesses make one want to retch, says French President Hollande

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Paris, Aug 3: French President Francois Hollande became the latest person to slam USA's Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump when he said the latter's "excesses" make one "want to retch, even in the United States", an AFP report said. [Warren Buffet asks Trump: "Do you have no decency?"]

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday (Aug 2), Hollande was referring to the ugly spat between Trump and the parents of a slain American-Muslim soldier which has shaken the presidential race. [Barack Obama tired of Trump's "trash-taking" on troops]

francois hollande

Hollande criticised Trump's "hurtful and humiliating comments" and said "democracy is also at stake, as we see more and more people tempted by authoritarianism", "especially" in the US, the AFP report added. [Hillary Clinton lashes out at Trump for "absolute allegnace" to Russia]

The French president also warned saying electing Trump as the US president will lead to consequences for the election in the world's only superpower is a global election.

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