Trump lashes out at Hillary on Twitter after her acceptance speech

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New York, July 29: The battle between the presidential candidates of the two major parties in the US began soon after Hillary Clinton gave her acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Thursday (July 29). [What Hillary said about Trump at DNC]

Donald Trump, who was formalised as the Republican nominee just a week back, posted a series of tweets attacking his rival who was nominated as the first woman presidential candidate from a major American party in the country's 240-year-old history. 

trump and hillary

Trump, the real-estate tycoon, lashed out at the former US secretary of state for not mentioning the term "Radical Islam" in her speech and said it showed that the latter is "unfit to lead the country".

He also said Hillary's "vision" for the world is "borderless" and that the "working people" will "have no power, no jobs, no safet". Trump has been vocally promoting a kind of isolationism for the US in world politics in terms of economic and military engagements.

He also said Hillary, also a former first lady, is accompanied by "corruption and devastation" wherever she goes. He said the latter would never reform the Wall Street as she is "owned" by it.

The Trump campaign also issued a statement from Stephen Miller, a senior campaign adviser. It said:

"Hillary Clinton's speech was an insulting collection of cliches and recycled rhetoric. She spent the evening talking down to the American people she's looked down on her whole life."

"Hillary Clinton talks about unity, about E Pluribus Unum, but her globalist agenda denies American citizens the protections to which they are all entitled - tearing us apart. Her radical amnesty plan will take jobs, resources and benefits from the most vulnerable citizens of the United States and give them to the citizens of other countries. Her refusal to even say the words 'Radical Islam', or to mention her disaster in Libya, or her corrupt email scheme, all show how little she cares about the safety of the American people."

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