Thousands take part in 'No Pants Subway Ride'; Bengaluru joins the 'celebration of silliness'

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New York, Jan 12: The second Sunday of 2015, January 11, saw thousands of commuters all over the world participating in the annual event - No Pants Subway Ride - much to the dismay of officials in many cities.

Taking part in the The 14th annual Subway Ride, people travelled in subways and Metros, pants-less. A Bangalore Mirror report says that this year a woman joined the no-pants riders on the city's Metro train.

Thousands take part in 'No Pants Subway Ride'; Bengaluru joins the 'celebration of silliness'

Last year, people from over 25 countries participated in the event. In cities like London, Milan, Bucharest, Berlin and Mexico City, pant-less riders commuted wearing hats, scarves and thick coats on their top halves. Other passengers, bemused, watched the ride, which is popularly described as "an international celebration of silliness''.

According to the rules of the event, underpants must be worn. Uniforms and business suits are encouraged. Participants are also forbidden from speaking to one another and are instructed to behave in a normal manner.

In many countries, subway officials had issued prior warnings for the no-pants commuters that 'those who disturb public order or are indecent will be fined and reported to the police."

In Bangalore, the organisers of the event tweaked the rules a bit to suit Indian culture and decided to travel wearing 'boxers' as travelling on the Metro in skimpy underwear could invite troubles. The event organisers in Bangalore had started a Facebook page too.

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