The Iceberg Titanic was lost to was 100,000 years old

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United Kingdom, March 10: In an amazing revelation, the iceberg that hit RMS Titanic, causing it to sink on April 14, 1912, is 100,000 years old. Experts believe that the iceberg had originated in southwest Greenland.

Collecting information from the 1912 incident and combining it with modern readings, expert Grant Bigg of Sheffield University, UK, figured out the iceberg's path in any given year. He said,"We take what we know about ocean currents, then add in meteorological readings for that year to calculate the prevailing winds."



The iceberg, when originated, weighed 75 m tonnes and measured 1,700 feet, but had reduced in strength in 1912 when it hit the ship. Bigg said that the year 1912 was a bad year as many icebergs could be seen floating toward south.


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