The Antarctica cover-up: A mission or national security at risk?

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Antarctica, Dec 6: India's lone research centre at Antarctica-Bharti-is facing a bigger threat than the cyclone Phailin. Set up to map the weather patterns and monitor satellites for delivering crucial information and conducting research, the station helps scientists to plan avoiding catastrophes and natural calamity.

Phailin broke hell in India in early October, but just days prior to that things took a different turn in the station.

According to a report by Times Now, a series of e-mails and messages pointed at the team lead of the mission-a lady scientist-for maligning the project. Furthermore, she is facing harassment from two executives of the National Remote Sensing Centre putting at risk not just the mission, but the national security and also the interest.

On the 4th of October, the team leader began terminating ISRO and NRSC activities. As per the lady, the fuel station at Bharti base was running critically low and the systems that were not in operation needed to be shutdown. In fact, 3 days later, the ISRO activities were terminated.

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