The Anons have returned to hit the ISIS

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Washington: A man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask said to be part of the Anonymous Hackers collective has sent a stern warning to the ISIS. In the message the group says that it would unleash a wave of attacks on the ISIS online.

The man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask said the Islamic State terrorists who claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks were "vermin" and Anonymous would hunt them down. "We are going to launch the biggest operation ever against you. Expect many cyber attacks. War has been declared.

Islamic State

The war has begun:

Anonymous is an international network of activist computer hackers which has claimed responsibility for many cyber attacks. In the month of February too, this group had warned the ISIS. It had said, ""We will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, emails, and expose you.

From now on, no safe place for you online... You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure... We own the internet... We are Anonymous; we are Legion; we do not forgive, we do not forget, Expect us."

Anonymous stated that the Facebook and Twitter accounts which were taken over were in close contact with the ISIS and they would keep a close watch on them.

Who are Anonymous?

There is still no clarity as to who runs 'Anonymous'. From what information is available, Anonymous is an international network of activist and hacktivist entities. They describe themselves as an internet gathering that operates on ideas and not directives. They emerged on the scene in 2003 and have been responsible for pranks, protests and hacks.

They have also been blamed for targeting the US, Israel, Uganda among other countries. Calling themselves as the Anons they were also very supportive of Wikileaks and the Occupy Movement.

The ISIS almost had a free run all these days where their online recruitments were concerned. The ISIS operated through its operatives and also sympathizers with several pseudo social media accounts and their recruitment process online has been extremely successful.

Security agencies would say that the online medium adopted by the ISIS has made a whale of a difference to the outfit.

Not only do they manage to recruit, but it has also become a huge medium to propagate their ideology. Now with some like the Anons watching over them, the ISIS is likely to have a tough time bouncing back.

In terms of the skills where controlling the internet is concerned, the Anons are way ahead of groups such as the ISIS or the Al-Qaeda.

War since 2014:

The Anons have always looked to take down the ISIS from the internet. It all started in 2014 when they planned an operation called the NO2ISIS. NO2ISIS was an operation that was directed at countries supporting the ISIS. They had planned on taking down websites especially in Saudi Arabia which they believed was the primary supporter of the ISIS.

They had announced that they were no friends of the ISIS and the real battle began in June last year when one of their accounts was taken over by a sympathizer of the ISIS.

Anon has claimed that it had erased several accounts of the ISIS. It also says that the idea is to nip the ISIS in the bud and they have attained a high success rate on this front. Another interesting message posted by Anon states, "It is ironic that a bunch of animals are seeking to return to the 12th century with the help of a 21st century medium.

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