Terrorists botch up, mistake Pak ship to be an US aircraft carrier

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Militants mistake Pak ship to be US ship
Karachi, Sept 22: In a goof up that may cost them dearly, the newly-formed branch of Al-Qaeda in the Indian sub continent stormed into a Pakistani naval ship mistaking it to be a US aircraft carrier.

According to a report in the Dailymail (read here), ten heavily armed militants decided to storm into the ship thinking it was an American aircraft carrier but soon realised that it was a Pakistani naval frigate.

The militants were taken aback and soon three of them were killed while the remaining seven were arrested.

This comes days after Al-Qaeda leader formally announced the formation of a terror cell in the Indian subcontinent.

It is believed that the USS George Washington may have been the target, which was off the coast in West Pakistan.

Investigators however believe that this may not be the handiwork of the militant group at all and that Al Qaeda is just taking credit for someone other group's botched up work, just to make their presence feel.

Reports say that the militants came prepared to take the ship into custody but failed in their attempt.

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