Territorial disputes in Asia can affect its economic progress negatively, warns Obama

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Brisbane, Nov 15: In his speech at Brisbane university, US president Barack Obama warned of the dangers of conflict in Asia. Obama was referring to China's border conflicts with four Southeast Asian countries.

Obama, who is in Australia to attend G20 summit, said that his "pivot" of US policy back to Asia was real and he would intervene if issues aggravate, said a AFP report.

-The US president also spoke about the East Asia's stunning economic progress post-World War II. However, there are genuine dangers that can undermine this progress, he added, citing issues in North Korean region.

Obama warns China

China must "adhere to the same rules as other nations, whether in trade or on the seas", said Obama, referring to China's conflicts in South China sea and with Japan. Four Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) - Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam - claim parts of the fuel-rich region of South China Sea. But China says almost all of the sea is its own, triggering issues.

The United States welcomes the rise of China, said Obama, adding that, provided it is a peaceful and responsible player on the world stage.

The countries China has issues with, are militarily and economically weaker than it. The smaller countries accuse China of stalling all negotiation process and are eager to retain US support.

On Thursday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said in a speech at Thursday's East Asia Summit in Myanmar that China and ASEAN need "peace and stability". He also added a statement, which sounded like a 'mild threat', ""China's resolve to safeguard territorial sovereignty is clear".

However, US president reiterated in his Brisbane speech that US was committed to play a role in ensuring peace in South East Asia. "Generations of Americans have served and died here so that the people of the Asia-Pacific might live free. So no one should ever question our resolve or our commitments to our allies," he said.

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