Tenth death anniversary: A Poetic ode to The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin to celebrate his life

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To mark the 10th death anniversary of the well-known wildlife expert and conservationist, Steve Irwin, an Australian author has penned a moving poem to celebrate his life and works.

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This is what the Australian author Max Oberon has posted on his Twitter handle:

Irwin, popularly known as The Crocodile Hunter, was a famous TV personality, who   mesmerized his fans with his daredevil stunts in the most dangerous wild terrains.

Irwin, born on February 22, 1962 in Victoria, Australia, achieved worldwide fame from his television series, The Crocodile Hunter. He co-hosted the documentary series with his wife Terri.

Irwin died in the line of duty on September 4, 2006 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb while filming an underwater documentary film, Ocean's Deadliest.

OneIndia gave a poignant tribute to the man and his passion, when he died 10 years ago. Here you can read all the articles:

Now, read the whole poem by Oberon below:

An Ode to Steve Irwin: The Crocodile Hunter

The Tortoise and the Man

The tortoise paved the way for him, she died sometime in June,

Harriet said, "Though it's sad for all, I'll see you much too soon."

See, Steve and Harriet, they had a bond, they loved each other true,

But Steve did not want to leave just yet, he had so much to do.

There's family and animals and friends both great and small,

With worldwide fans of young and old, Steve had fun and love for all.

But Steve couldn't have it his own way and Crikey...don't we know,

This great man went and left us, his kids must miss him so.

But all the world does miss the man, Steve Irwin was his name,

With khaki duds and Okka look, and none shall be the same.

For Steve was here to save the world, wild creatures were his game,

He laughed and loved and gave his all, to save them so much pain.

To Terri, and the children too, their names are Bindi and Bob,

The only thing that I can say, with you the world does sob.

And Bob, his dad, does miss him much, proud father that he is,

The world is now a better place for what his son did give,

For crocodiles and snakes and such, have lost a real dear friend,

He loved them much and gave his life to save them to the end.

There's hairy ones, some scary ones with teeth and scale and fangs,

Steve didn't care what breed they were, to him they were all friends.

One day in Far North Queensland, while cruising on Croc One,

Steve thought he would swim along the reef, he was just having fun.

The stingray was just cruising past, it did not know Steve's plan,

One flick, some pain and Steve was gone, a sad end for one great man.

For Steve was friend to it and all creatures that do roam,

Farewell to our mate Crikey, have peace Steve, in God's home.

Minyama Queensland.

September 6th 2006

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