Tehrik-e-Taliban test fires its missile Omar-1

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‎It appears as though the worst has happened. The dangerous Tehrik-e-Taliban has claimed to have test fired an indigenously developed missile called Omar-1.

Claiming to have test fired this missile, the official spokesperson of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Muhammad Khurassani said that the entire missile was prepared by their engineering wing and successfully test fired.


Missile will have enemy running for cover:

The missile according to the Tehrik-e-Taliban has the effectiveness to adapt to any situation. It can be assembled and disassembled as per the situation the terror outfit which had carried out the Peshawar school attack, claimed Khurassani.

It will add to the strength of the Tehrik-e-Taliban which is battling Pakistan in a gruesome bloody battle.

Preparing for Afghanistan:

The Tehrik-e-Taliban, which is considered to be the bad Taliban is also a major stake holder in Afghanistan. It is expected to use the missile in Afghanistan against the Pakistan army.

The Tehrik-e-Taliban also states that they want to adopt to the best of technology as they intensify their battle. Out engineering wing is preparing suicide vests, hammers, anti jamming devices and also suicide vehicles, the outfit has also claimed.

India watches cautiously:

Indian officials however point out that they ascertaining the veracity of this claim. Terror outfits tend to make tall claims only and this is part of the psychological warfare they often engage in.

"We are aware that they have an engineering wing which makes sophisticated weapons. Whether they are capable of making missiles is still something that we are unsure of," the official said.

"Pakistan has several rogue elements in the form of scientists, who have known to have sold themselves to terror groups. Scientists have known to have shared information either for the sake of ideology or money. However, we are ascertaining how they could have sourced the material," the intelligence bureau official informed.

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