Taliban, you may destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas, but the soul remains in Holograms

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Kabul, June 17: History never dies, and so did Afghanistan's Bamiyan Buddhas. The gigantic monuments, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, may have been destroyed by the Talibans in 2001, but the memories remain in the rubble.

And transforming that memory into reality were holograms that stand at the site of the statues. Thanks to two documentarians-Janson Yu and Liyan Hu-who found a temporary solution for the United Nations that was thinking of reconstructing the site, that is otherwise beyond repair.

Bamiyan Buddhas

Now, 3D projectors casting life-size images of the Buddhas onto the sites where the monuments stood originally.

While cultural heritage are the main targets in the Middle East. But with the holograms, the historians have shown a way to preserve their memories....at least. The 'Bamiyan' (Persian for 'the place of shining light') deserves its true place.

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