South Korean professor arrested for forcing former student to eat human faeces

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Seoul, July 15: In what can be described as a modern-day slavery, a university design professor in South Korea is accused of forcing his former student to eat human faeces and urine, besides beating him brutally and subjecting him to other cruel acts.

According to media reports, the 29-year-old victim tolerated all the torture, in a hope that one day, he would also become a professor.

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The accused professo, who is 52-year-old, has now been arrested by the Seongnam Jungwon police, in the south of Seoul. His three accomplices, all former students, have also been detained.

"The horrific incident began in 2013, when the former student joined his professor's non profit organisation, which publishes academic journals and hosts forums on topics related to design", The Independent reported.

The accused professor used to beat him with a baseball bat and other weapons for 'professional mistakes' and 'poor character'.

In the inhumane act, the professor was also accompanied by three other former students.

The defendants also allegedly placed over plastic bags on the victim's head before firing pepper spray inside them and forced him to eat their feces and drink their urine from plastic bottles on 16 occasions, police said.

The victim was also forced to work in a restaurant, and all his salary was snatched away by the accused.

Authorities became aware of the case after getting a tip from an employee at the victim's restaurant, police said.

Police refused to provide the names and other personal details about the professor and his three accomplices. The victim's name was also withheld.

South Korea, that is known for imposing corporal punishment on its students, banned caning in 2010.

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