Side-effects of eating excessive Tofu: Doctors remove 420 kidney stones from a patient

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Beijing, June 10: It is said that excessiveness of everything is bad. If you enjoy eating Tofu, due to its numerous health benefits, then think again. Over-eating tofu can land you in a hospital and you might be operated!

As per media reports, a 55-year-old man in China had to undergo surgery as he had developed kidney stones (nephrolithiasis) due to over consumption of gypsum tofu. [Healthy diet 'can ward off kidney stones']

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Shockingly, doctors in Zhejiang Province in eastern China removed staggering 420 kidney stones from his body, blaming an excessive amount of tofu in his daily diet. [Fruits, veggies, nuts keep kidney stones away]

Days after suffering from intense pain in his abdomen, Mr He Dong went to Dongyang People's Hospital to seek medical treatment.

A CT scan report revealed that his left kidney was full of tiny stones. [Is Tofu Healthy Or Unhealthy For You?]

On Friday, June 5, doctors performed a two-hour surgery on him and removed each stone one by one through forceps.

Mr He said twenty years ago, ten stones were removed from his kidney. He said that he doesn't like drinking water.

Dr Zhou Changchun, the surgeon, who operated He was quoted saying as, "I have worked as a doctor for 30 years and have never seen so many stones." [Health Benefits Of Tofu]

Dr Wei Yubin, the chief surgeon, said if He had delayed his treatment, then his kidney may had to be removed.

Yubin also said "lack of water contributed to Mr He's unusual condition, as tofu is very high in calcium, the excess of which cannot be excreted from body without a sufficient intake of water." [Why Tofu Is A Healthier Option?]

After the surgery, He took his stones to his home in a plastic bag, to keep them as souvenir.

His family have said that they will make sure that he will not continue eating tofu in the same volumes as previously.

If there is severe pain in kidney stones, then the condition is called renal colic.

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