Shocking Side of Homosexuality: Gays, Lesbians given electric shocks as 'cures'

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Beijing, Oct 13: Gays, Lesbians were given electric shocks as a part of their treatment. The shocking information surfaced during an undercover documentary.

The undercover documentary was featured on different working systems in hospitals across China where homosexuals too were admitted to get "cured".

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Homosexualiyu (Representational Image)

According to the documentary, hospital authorities gave drug medications and painful electroshock therapy to cure homosexuality.

The documentary, Unreported World, was made by Channel 4. Doctors were seen suggesting patients to go for electroshock therapy and doses of nausea-inducing drugs, so that preferences of the patients can change from homosexual to 'normal'.

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The treatment for the homosexual people is called "conversion therapy". Despite a controversial ruling by one court in Beijing, many hospitals in the country continue to practice such therapies.

Earlier a court delivered a judgment against Xinyu Piaoxiang clinic in South China. The clinic had given electric shock and hypnosis "conversion" treatments.

The clinic was asked to pay 3,500 yuan (360 pounds) as compensation and also had to publish an apology on its website.

Conversion Therapy is practiced in China despite the fact that the country has already legalised homosexuality in 1997.

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