Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton: "She doesn't give up."

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St. Louis, Oct 10: Hillary Clinton who has an upper hand on Donald Trump after the first presidential debate is all set to face him in the second debate which is taking place in St. Louis.


During this town hall style event in which the questions will be taken from the audience, is anticipated to have many more quotable quotes from both the presidential candidates.

[Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump face to face for the first presidential debate]

The debate will the first time both candidates will come face to face after the leaked audio of Donald Trump where he had said derogatory things about women.

[About the first US presidential debate 2016]

Here are the latest updates from the debate:

8.13 am: Second presidential #debate has concluded.

8.07 am: One thing Donald Trump respects about Hillary Clinton: "She doesn't quit, she doesn't give up."

8.05 am: One thing Hillary Clinton respects about Donald Trump: "I respect his children."

8.04 am: Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton "wants to put all the miners out of business"

8.04 am: Hillary Clinton: My comprehensive energy policy includes "fighting climate change"

8.03 am: "I think we can be the 21st century clean energy superpower." -Hillary Clinton

8.01 am: "I will bring our energy companies back, they'll be able to compete, they'll make money, they'll pay off our national debt." -Trump

8.00 am: Clinton on SCOTUS: "I want to appoint Supreme Court justices who understand the way the world really works"

7.59 am: Donald Trump was asked about his feud with Alicia Machado, who won the Miss Universe pageant in 1996

7.58 am: Trump confirms he claimed nearly $1 trillion loss on his taxes

7.75 am: We have a divided nation. Believe me, Hillary Clinton has tremendous hate in her heart: Donald Trump

7.50 am: "He would send us back into recession with his tax plans." -Hillary Clinton

7.49 am: "My argument is not with his supporters, it's with him." -Hillary Clinton re: comment about 'deplorables'

7.48 am: "Donald talks a lot about the 30 years I've been in public service. I'm proud of that" -Hillary Clinton

7.45 am: "I will be a President for all of our people." -Donald Trump

7.44 am: Trump says "Russia is new in terms of nuclear. We are old...Almost everything she's done in foreign policy has been a disaster." Trump meanders through the answer and doesn't respond... then appears to disagree with Pence's answer to the same question on Syria. Said Alleppo has already fallen. It's a ramble. Begins discussing the need for sneak attacks.

7.43 am: If Hillary Clinton is president of the United States it'll be just the same, Donald Trump says

7.42 am: Trump, off-hand, mentions he hasn't spoken to his running mate on the issue of Syria.

7.41 am: Trump says he disagrees with running mate Pence on military intervention in Syria.

7.41 am: Hillary Clinton wants a no-fly zone and safe zone and creating some leverage over the Russians. "What is at stake here is the ambitions of Russia...I've stood up to Russia."

7.40 am: Question is asked about Syria, Alleppo and what would the candidates do if they were President.

7.30 am: "I understand the tax code better than anybody that's ever run for president." -Donald Trump

7.29 am: Clinton on Trump: "He lives in an alternative reality"; says his tax plan will give wealthy biggest tax cuts ever.

7.27 am: "Since the Great Recession, the gains have all gone to the top. We need to reverse that." -Hillary Clinton

7.26 am: "'Honest Abe' never lied...that's the big difference between Abraham Lincoln and you." Trump to Clinton.

7.24 am: Donald Trump says again that he will release his taxes once the audit is complete.

7.23 am: "I have no loans with Russia. You can go to the United States government and they would probably tell you that." -Donald Trump

7.22 am: I know Russia, but I know nothing about Russia: Donald Trump

7.20 am: Hillary Clinton: Russia is doing all they can to help get Donald Trump elected. He should release his tax returns to explain why.

7.18 am: Clinton on Muslim ban: "We will have vetting that's as tough as it needs to be...but it's important for us as a policy, as Donald has said, we're going to ban people based on a religion. How do we do that?"

Clinton added: "Are we going to have religious tests when people fly into our country? What Donald Trump says about Muslims is used to recruit fighters."

7.17 am: "This is going to be the great Trojan Horse of all time": Trump on Muslim immigration

7.16 am: Hillary Clinton: "We are not at war with Islam"

7.15 am: Donald Trump: "Captain Khan is an American hero and if I were president at that time he would be alive today."

7.10 am: "My vision of America is an America where everyone has a place if you're willing to work hard." -Hillary Clinton

7.09 am: Trump on Islamophobia: Rising Islamophobia "is a shame," but "there is a problem" with radical Islamic terrorism.

7.08 am: "Muslims have to report the problems when they see them... If they don't do that, it's a very difficult situation." -Donald Trump

7.05 am: "If we were to start all over again, we might come up with a different system." -Hillary Clinton on Obamacare

7.02 am: 'You'd be in jail': Trump to Clinton.

6.54 am: On email scandal: "I am very committed to taking classified information seriously." -Hillary Clinton

6.54 am: Trump: Clinton didn't know what "C" meant. That's TRUE. ("C" means "Confidential.")

6.53 am: "If I win, I am going to instruct my Attorney General to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation." -Donald Trump

6.51 am: Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump's actions during the campaign: "He needs to take responsibility for his actions and his words."

6.50 am: Hillary Clinton: Trump needs to apologise for his scatching comments against minorities and women. Clinton, "He (Trump) never apologizes."

6.45 am: "America already is great... We will respect one another, and we will work with one another." -Hillary Clinton

[Hillary Clinton gains support after first presidential debate]

6.44 am: "I said starting back in June that [Donald Trump] was not fit to be President and Commander in Chief." -Hillary Clinton

6.44 am: Will work with every American, want to heal country and bring it together: Hillary Clinton

6.42 am: "I have great respect for women. No one has more respect for women than I do." -Donald Trump

6.40 am: "This was locker room talk. I'm not proud of it." -Donald Trump on his leaked audio.

6.39 am: "We have such tremendous potential... in business and trade, where we're doing so badly." -Donald Trump

6.38 am: I want us to heal this country and bring it together. - Hillary Clinton

6.38 am: "It is very important for us to make clear to our children that our country really is great because we're good." -Hillary Clinton

6.38 am: First questionasked to both the candidates: Is theirs model behaviour for youth?

6.37 am: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton greet each other before tonight's debate.

6.37 am: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton do not shake hands upon walking out on debate stage.

6.36 am: Presidential candidates enter debate hall as Clinton accusers watch from the audience.

6.33 am: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are about to take debate stage.

6.26 am: Trump invited 3 of Bill Clinton's accusers to his debate with Hillary Clinton.

6.25 am: Parents tweet that their kids are too young to watch tonight's debate.

6.21 am: Hillary Clinton arrives at debate venue ahead of the 2nd presidential debate.

6.15 am: The debate commission officials address the audience in the debate hall.

6.08 am: Donald Trump arrives at the venue for presidential debate.

5.57 am: Billy Bush has been suspended by NBC two days after a video showed him exchanging lewd remarks with Donald Trump.

5.47 am: 43% of Americans say Donald Trump should withdraw from the race following release of 2005 audio.

5.30 am: With approx an hour to go before debate, Donald Trump holds a PC with women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault.

5.22 am: New poll shows Hillary Clinton opening up double-digit lead over Donald Trump in battleground state of Pennsylvania.

5.20 am: Trump signaled he would retaliate against Republicans who withdraw their support from his campaign.

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