Scotland referendum: 'Yes' and 'No' campaigners continue fight for votes

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Edinburgh, Sept 15: As September 18, Thursday, will decide the fate of Scotland, the campaigners from both the sides of pro Scottish independence and pro-UK staged a massive rally in Glasgow, Edinburgh.

As per The Guardian report, 1,000 campaigners staged a publicity stunt at the Grange sports ground in Stockbridge by creating a "Human No", which was photographed from the air.

On Sunday, the Church of Scotland's moderator John Chalmers called for Scots to "live in harmony with one another" whatever the result and hailed the run-up to the independence vote as "a wonderful democratic concerto".

"All of those who will vote yes and all of those who will vote no need to remember that we belong together in the same Scotland," he said in a sermon at St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral in Edinburgh.

"We cannot afford to lose the momentum and interest in civic life which this campaign has generated," he further said.

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond on Sunday accused the BBC of carrying an "unconscious bias" against the 'Yes' campaign.

He reportedly alleged the BBC's political editor of being a 'biased liar who deserved to be sacked'.

His accusations in the Sunday Herald were followed by massive protest in front of the BBC headquarters on the Cylde.

Ian Davidson, the Glasgow South West Labour MP leveled counter allegations on Scottish independence campaigners of going on the attack against anyone they thought was against them.

On Monday, the UK PM David Cameron will make a final 'patriotic' plea to urge people to vote for 'no' referendum and keep the United Kingdom together.

Queen Elizabeth on Sunday urged Scots to "think carefully" ahead of Thursday's Scottish independence referendum.

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In October 2012, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond signed the Edinburgh Agreement, allowing Scotland to hold an independence referendum in autumn 2014 on the question of "should Scotland be an independent country."

The September 18 referendum could end Scotland's 307-year union England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If the referendum is passed, Scotland with some 5.3 million people will become a free nation.

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