S Korea ship: Drowning students send love messages to helpless parents

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South Korea
Seoul, April 17: When you meet death, the last thing that you remember is your parents and loved ones. And that is what happened with the students onboard the South Korea ship that found grave in the sea. The passengers made frantic efforts to listen to the voice of their parents or at least bid them goodbye for the last time.

Close to 300 passengers, most of them high school students on a holiday island, have been reported lost after the boat capsized and sunk on Wednesday morning.

NDTV reports Shin Young-Jin's last message to reach out to his mother: "Sending this in case I may not be able to say this again. Mom, I love you."

It is heartwrenching to know that his mother replied saying,"Oh, I love you too son", unaware that he might never return. Luckily, he survived.

But others were not as lucky as him. 16-year-old Kim Woong-Ki sent a desparate message to her elder brother as the ship listed for the first time.

"My room is tilting about 45 degrees. My mobile is not working very well," he messaged. His brother reassured him saying that help was on the way so he should not panic and listen to what was being told. Kim went missing and is listed among the 287 onboard who are unaccounted for. Ironically, the crew adviced the same to the passengers, which trapped them instead, cutting all routes to escape.

Recalling their last conversation with their children, some of the parents also said that their conversation was cut short and the phone went dead.

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