Russia’s bombing blitz in Syria ends as Putin said do svidaniya to Assad

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New Delhi, Mar 15: The surprise partial withdrawal announcement of Russian forces from conflict hit Syria has been termed a welcome move by UN. The sudden announcement came as surprised as it started targeting anti Assad forces in Syria in September last year.

The decision has bene taken after a discussion with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on March 14. "The move is likely to put pressure on Assad regime to negotiate more seriously at UN-hosted peace talks with the opposition, which resumed in Geneva on March 14, said an editorial titled Putin to Assad: Do svidaniya in Almonitor.

Russia accomplished mission Syria

"The Russian military intervention had largely achieved its objective in Syria, said Putin after announcing the decision.

However, Russia will continue to maintain an aviation support center in Syria in order to monitor compliance with the cease-fire.
Putin's view on Russian achievement has also been supported by Samuel Charap, a Russia expert at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

"His objective was to force the US and its allies to the bargaining table on his terms," Charap told Al-Monitor March 14. "He achieved that objective. Beyond that, an extended, large military presence in Syria doesn't really do much for him. It's more of a liability than an asset," added Charap.

Russia's decision to withdraw troops from Syria is also seen as good signal for all conflicting parties at the Geneva talks started on March 14.

Russia accomplished mission Syria

The Russian decision came as surprise for US officials. Later Putin and Obama discussed the matter on phone.
While Paul Sanders a Russia expert at the Center for the National Interest said it was also notable that Putin was saying mission accomplished when his original declared rationale for intervening in Syria was to defeat the Islamic State (IS).

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A former Russian diplomat said Putin's announced decision to partly withdraw from Syria is probably due to a combination of reason.

"The Syrian opposition, for its part, said it welcomed Putin's announcement and that serious withdrawal would put pressure on the regime and give peace talks a positive impetus," added the editorial.

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