Reconnaissance Orbiter spots strange secondary craters on Mars: NASA

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Washington, April 19: NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, MRO has captured a region of Mars sprayed with strange-shaped secondary craters.

New images show the region of the red planet with secondary craters from 10-kilometre Zunil Crater to the northwest, NASA said.

Orbiter sites strange secondary craters on Mars. (File photo)

In the new images, however, the secondary crater ejecta has an unusual raised-relief appearance like bas-relief sculpture.

One idea is that the region was covered with a layer of fine-grained materials like dust or pyroclastics about 1 to 2 meters thick when the Zunil impact occurred about a million years ago. The ejecta served to harden or otherwise protect the fine-grained layer from later erosion by the wind.


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