PTI lashes out at Bilawal Bhutto, calls him a spoilt brat

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'Bilawal Bhutto a spoilt brat'
Islamabad, Oct 21: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) has lashed out at Bilawal Bhutto and has called him a 'spoilt brat', who calls himself a leader.

Bilawal, according to PTI calls himself a leader because of his political family background, his mother and his grandfather. PTI alleged that in reality he hides in rooms from where he records his speeches unlike their party leader Imran Khan.

PTI Information Secretary Dr Shireen Mizari, who reacted to Bilawal's speech to PPP workers said: "He had the gall to call PTI chairman Imran Khan a coward. Khan is a leader of the people, who unlike the Zardaris, does not hide behind closed doors, or bullet-proof screens."

PTI: Bilawal records his speeches from inside a room

Khan goes right into a crowd to address the public, he is fearless and a brave leader who has built his leadership by working for the people of Pakistan and not inherited a position by virtue of birth, Mirzai said.

Mirzai said that Bilawal needed to wake up from his stupor to understand that the PTI was already here to wipe out corruption that the PPP has created. "They are in no way the PPP was created by the founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto or even Benazir Bhutto," she said.

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